What to Expect from Commercial Inspections

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If a basic home inspection is an important step to buying a home, a commercial inspection is even more important because it’s a large investment that could affect the future of your entire business. With such a significant investment, you should be able to trust that the inspection of the building you want to buy is going to cover all the bases and not miss a single detail.

What to Expect from Commercial Inspections

Here is what you can expect from commercial inspections:

  • Everything from residential inspections: Commercial inspections are similar to residential inspections in that they will cover the structural integrity, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and ventilation systems. You can expect extensive details on any issues that are found within any of those systems.
  • Helpful information: Commercial inspections will also include helpful information about your prospective building, so you can have all you need to know if you plan to improve or expand your new office building. This information might include manufacturer information on the HVAC equipment or details about the roofing materials.
  • A full report: At the end of commercial inspections, you can expect a full report of everything that was found during the inspection. The report might also include suggestions or recommendations on how to go about fixing the identified issues. This detailed report can then be used during negotiations for the pricing.

A commercial inspection isn’t always required, but it can be quite necessary to provide essential information before buying a new building for your business. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.