The Importance of Certified Home Inspections

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Think about the many times in your life when you’ve sought out a second set of eyes to ensure your work was up to par. Writers typically have at least one person review their work before publishing. No architect would sign off on plans for a high-rise or other major project without a full review. So, why would you want to purchase a house you’ll live in for years to come without having another set of eyes go through it? And it isn’t just about walking through it yourself many times or having family members do it. You want a professional who provides certified home inspections to look at things you may not even think of inspecting.

The Importance of Certified Home Inspections

Certified home inspections give you peace of mind that there isn’t a major problem, and they also confirm that you have all the relevant information about the home before you make it your own. The technology available to professionals is nothing short of astounding, so you are assured of knowing not only what can be seen, but also what lies hidden. With thermal imaging, for example, issues such as heat loss, HVAC performance issues, moisture and leak problems, and electrical issues will become apparent.

It isn’t just buyers who can benefit from certified home inspections. When you consider how some problems can worsen over time, it is better to learn about them while they are still manageable to resolve. Having peace of mind about your home is always a good thing. In addition, if you do plan to sell your home in the near future, being able to resolve problems will help you avoid a surprise that could delay or even dissolve the sale.

At Towne & Country Property Inspections, we offer both buyer & seller inspections that leave no stone unturned. Let us show you how beneficial certified home inspections can be in giving you peace of mind about your home or the one you hope will be perfect for your family for many years to come. We serve the Chesapeake, Virginia area with residential and commercial property inspections. Call today to schedule an appointment.