Are Commercial Inspections Always Part of Real Estate Transactions?

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There will be some who argue that commercial inspections are not always necessary when purchasing a commercial building, but savvy investors know that skipping one could be an expensive mistake. It doesn’t matter if the building is a month old or a century old– it can still have major problems that you want to know about before you sign the closing documents.

Are Commercial Inspections Always Part of Real Estate Transactions?

Another thing to keep in mind is that commercial property issues can be far more costly to resolve. It makes a great deal of sense to leave that cost on the shoulders of the seller or at least negotiate the sales price accordingly. If you are beginning a new business, you’ll need your capital to stretch as far as possible. Commercial inspections can help you keep money in your pocket for growing your business.

The biggest misconception is that new construction doesn’t need to be inspected. While it is true that the county will have inspected certain elements of the build, they are looking for code infractions primarily. They won’t get to the nuts and bolts like a professional who does commercial inspections will do. Even though you needn’t worry about something being worn out, that doesn’t mean there couldn’t have been an installation error.

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